We are deep into the Awards Season – so what does it mean for Sports Fans?

We are deep into the Awards Season – so what does it mean for Sports Fans?

22 February 2024By Brad Rees

Audiences are returning to live award shows like the BAFTAs and Golden Globes after several slump years – does the mainstream audience enthusiasm for these star-studded, peacocking extravaganzas convert to sport? Latest Sports Fan edition explores new Audience Engineering growth data to find out. We are now deep into the awards season with the Golden … Read More

Super Bowl Flash Survey gives Swift Insights

Super Bowl Flash Survey gives Swift Insights

14 February 2024By Brad Rees

The latest audience engineering trend is ‘Swift-ization’, the boosting of the Super Bowl audience by sport-adjacent love story between Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop superstar Taylor Swift. It was no massive surprise that the Super Bowl 2024 was the most-watched telecast of all time, hitting 123.4 million viewers (Nielsen and Adobe … Read More

Did Steve Jobs put the customer last and the product first?

Did Steve Jobs put the customer last and the product first?

24 January 2024By Brad Rees

Forty years ago today Steve Jobs unveiled the very first Mackintosh computer, he took to the stage carrying a beige box, stuck a floppy disk into it and as the theme from Chariots of Fire played the word ‘Mackintosh’ appeared on the computer’s screen. It was the most inspirational product launch the world had ever … Read More

Woman’s football lifts the Barbie Never Fail curse

Woman’s football lifts the Barbie Never Fail curse

16 August 2023By Mediacells Staff

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ continues to excite global audiences on and off the pitch, despite the Down-Under time differences. The tournament in Australia and New Zealand has been a moment for Women’s football. There are only a few more sleeps until the World Cup final between Spain and England at the Stadium Australia … Read More

Audiences may be the last to benefit from AI

30 June 2023By Mediacells Staff

In the latest Black Mirror Netflix Original, Joan is Awful, we are shown an AI nightmare where people’s lives are turned into content, with or without their permission.  “It’s designed to keep the viewer in a state of mesmerized horror,” says the mythical Streamberry CEO, “it’s great for engagement.” This burnished technology vision of Black … Read More

Always Sunny in Wrexhamania

14 April 2023By Mediacells Staff

Mediacells advises football club clients to think outside of the ground in the context of their fanbase. If a club looks at their fortunes in terms of takings at the stadium, purchases in store, online and physical, plus TV deals – the sponsorship revenue will reflect the club’s mindset. Take Wrexham AFC as an example … Read More

Fans have the last word on ChatGPT

31 March 2023By Mediacells Staff

Events in the first three months of 2023 shattered a lot of agency crystal balls about what lies ahead for big tech and sports. The mothernode intersecting the various media agency about-turns and flip-flops can be attributed to the rapid roll-out of fresh generative AI tools, like Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. It was the … Read More

World Cup predictions based on data science

1 November 2022By Mediacells Staff

The predictions, courtesy of Nielsen’s Gracenote database, are based on over one million simulations that produce estimates of the chance each team reaches a particular stage of the competition. The science behind the above FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Cup modelling is awesome in its crunching and stitching of complex data sets but it doesn’t … Read More

True sentiment in social media posts

1 October 2022By Mediacells Staff

A HUMAN would be forgiven for associating words like scary, absurd, ridiculous, monster, filthy, unfair or freak with negative sentiment. Many shots were reported to have been fired and shade thrown last night after Cristiano Ronaldo ‘stormed’ down the tunnel before the end of Manchester United’s victory over Tottenham. Digital fathoms of doomscrolling opportunities ensue … Read More

One Direction for women’s football

1 August 2022By Mediacells Staff

Women’s football fan engagement became a mass market story after England’s win against Germany last Sunday. The record-breaking 87,000 fans that packed out Wembley stadium for the final and the 17.4 million viewers who watched the final on the BBC are the two key stats that the world and her granny now know. A lesser-known … Read More

The audience are collateral damage in the streaming wars

28 March 2022By Mediacells Staff

Media groups are set to spend more than $140bn on added content in 2022 despite overwhelming, eye-watering losses across the top eight US media groups, according to investment banks, analysts and number-crunchers at the Financial Times. The numbers surely downgrade the sports streaming giant DAZN’s recent announcement of $1.3bn losses from ‘eye-watering’ to more of … Read More

Wordle woes for NYT as streaking wars hot up

1 February 2022By Mediacells Staff

Buzzfeed recently published a quiz on Valentine’s Day where you can find out what kind of a Wordle player you are and what this says about you. I tested myself with some office pals and we distributed ourselves across the four Wordle player types, but a bit like a tabloid horoscope, each archetype was basically … Read More

The tiny 2022 acquisition that is a huge media story

31 January 2022By Mediacells Staff

Many of Mediacells friends and competitors have been predicting developments in the new-tech arenas but all this has been overshadowed by a very human story today and perhaps sets the narrative tone for 2022. Even the nostalgic, rags to riches success story of Bobby Kotic’s Activision, a brand saved from the 1980s arcade game scrapheap … Read More