Fan Engagement Analysts

Information services for sports and entertainment companies who are tasked to quantify 360-degree fan engagement.

Understand influencers better so you can change their perception of your brand.

A benchmarking tool for sports clubs and brands who want to optimise social performance.

Highly engaging data-driven content to tell your success stories.



Southampton FC: Fan-targeted content

Our Brief: To implement a best practice social media fan analytics platform to enable centralised, data-driven decision making by providing consistent, reliable data in automated, user-friendly dashboards.


UEFA: Engage fans everywhere

Our Brief: To optimise content performance in multilingual, digital and social output by providing data-driven recommendations.


Red Bull: Gen Z content experience

Our Brief: To inform Red Bull on content excellence from the Generation Z perspective and to reference video stories which resonate with the target demographic.


Eriksen Empathy Elevates Denmark to #1

Eriksen Empathy Elevates Denmark to #1

14 June 2021

It will come as no surprise that the best wishes for Christian Dannemann Eriksen, following his collapse during his side’s opening match against Finland were the loudest voices over the weekend on Twitter. The official Denmark team account went straight to #1 over the weekend, up 16 places in the #ClubSocial engagement league, awarding the optimum 5 engagement … Read More

Fan Engagement is Complex and Rewarding

Fan Engagement is Complex and Rewarding

26 May 2021

Engaging fans does not always equate with a positive perception but, when clubs get it right, it can be hugely rewarding. Mediacells analysed 80,000 fan-centred tweets attracting 275 million  engagements across the 20 English Premier League clubs in the 2020/21 season. We then applied an engagements-per-post* benchmark to produce a definitive Top 50 ranking Download … Read More

Top #ClubSocial Posts, April – The Fan Edition

Top #ClubSocial Posts, April – The Fan Edition

6 May 2021

Twitter represents the nearest we have to the tribal sounds of the global stadium and the Club Social Top 20 shows the most engaged monthly tweets for every Premier League club. Seven days is a long time in football. Over the last few weeks football fans have been acknowledged as the empowered victors and spontaneous … Read More