How to retain unloyal millennial audiences as media owners

13 May 2016By Brad Rees

Start by understanding what makes them tick at work, says Deloitte We’ve all had that job that never makes it to the CV or LinkedIn halls of fame. Mine was working for Alternative Corporate Entertainment PLC or ‘ACE’, where I was tasked to sell ‘Novelty Entertainment Acts’ (NEAs) to global business monoliths from the boss’s … Read More

Is Apple on the precipice of going Nokia-wards?

28 April 2016By Brad Rees

Tim Cook will have woken to the news that Facebook has tripled its advertising revenues. The news has stunned Wall Street in much the same way that Apple’s revenue-drop news, 24 hours previously, had shocked the media world. The surprise came despite an apparent expectation management exercise, masterminded by mister Cook in January. Apple soothsayers … Read More

Don’t be evil, try telling that to the robots!

Don’t be evil, try telling that to the robots!

15 April 2016By Brad Rees

It’s 1977. The Goblin Teasmade advert is on television screens, Punk is hitting the UK streets and Clifton Country Primary (CCP) are engaged in the dying embers of a grudge soccer match against arch pre-teen rivals, Mayfield. It’s nil-nil.  CCP have just brought on a substitute, Steven Roundtree. He’s new to the team and it … Read More

Machine-learner difficulties

17 March 2016By Brad Rees

Google’s Al might have stuffed the Go champ but youthful instagrammers are sticking it to the machine. Google’s Al beat the top player of the ancient and complex game, Go, at the DeepMind Challenge, recently. It didn’t so much beat the South Korean champion, Lee Sedol, as wipe the board with him 4 straight wins … Read More

Is it ‘time to die’ for print?

9 March 2016By Brad Rees

Last week’s launch of a print-only newspaper excited journalists – but is it sustainable in a digitised consumer world? When I started my newspaper career in the late nineties ‘digital’ was called ‘the bloody internet’. “Forget about the bloody internet,” my ink-stained tabloid boss would argue, before resting his case on some surreal, qualitative Hollywood … Read More

Microsoft Case Study: Podcasts with Vic & Bob team

Microsoft Case Study: Podcasts with Vic & Bob team

9 June 2014By Brad Rees

Our Brief To create an innovative, retail-focused social media destination for Microsoft mobile products on Facebook. The Work We created a fortnightly podcast that presents engaging and humorous consumer-facing insights in association with the award-winning BBC Shooting Stars sound production team. The Results  Viral content that reached younger audiences on Facebook as well as on … Read More

Reuters Case Study: Best practice app content

Reuters Case Study: Best practice app content

30 July 2012By Brad Rees

Our Brief To advise Reuters on best practices to develop and produce a sports photography mobile app, starting with, but not restricted to, Olympics event content. The Work We provided fact-based consultancy on how to produce a scalable visual sports event app for smartphones and tablets. The Results A step change in the Reuters mindset … Read More

Sky Case Study: Commercial value in data

Sky Case Study: Commercial value in data

14 March 2011By Brad Rees

Our Brief To produce sales materials with commercial-facing messages based on mobile behaviours. The Work We mined and cleansed Sky Sports mobile audience data to develop a downstream reporting suite with sales materials. The Results Data initiatives plugged in directly to the Sky sales funnel resulting in quantifiable uplift in advertising An online insights portal … Read More