The international break is a time for reflection, playfulness & celebration while fans distract themselves from what calls the ‘melancholic void’.

#1: Wrexham aka Tinseltown FC dub social this week with Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney taking part in a hilarious video about their ambition to take over the Welsh club. The video from the ‘owners-elect’, promises a Sunderland ‘Til I Die-style Netflix Original, once the deal goes through.

#2: LFCTV celebrates the life of Ray Clemence, who Bill Shankly called the best goalkeeper in the world. It attracts a huge, adoring audience of football fans. The storytelling blends exclusive match footage with iconic photography of Ray with Kevin Keegan & Kenny Dalglish, interspersed with snippets of the 1970s team.

#3: eSports comes to Man City who showcase Sergio Aguero’s dubious e-skills against Neymar in an offbeat, online Minecraft-y game where he gets his ass kicked.

#4: Arsenal responds to the Royal Academy’s question ‘what feels like art’ by digging into the archives to play that goal against Norwich, when 5 first-touches result in a sublime goal from a young Jack Wilshere. A best practice example of how social media cross pollination, with many fans commenting, ‘This is art’.