There are lots of predictions at this time of year, particularly in digital circles.

Google is predicting that users will spend more time watching online video in 2019 than in front of the television. Is this a surprise to anybody?

Mediacells anticipates pioneering media experiences, like Netflix Original’s format-subverting Bandersnatch, will transform traditional viewing habits by refusing to broadcast content on outmoded devices, like TVs.

Television will, of course, be part of the media mix but the seamless eye-swap between big and small screens will be less remarkable.

At the time of going to press, a photo of an egg has been liked by 42 million Instagram users and the account, world_record_egg is now followed by 6 million people.

Instead of a Black Mirror plotline, this is the first big audience news story of 2019. A record-beating egg. On Instagram. It’s mindless, something of the Boaty McBoatface about the whole craze around this post – but it’s somehow meaningful to social media custodians and natives.

So in terms of predicting any forthcoming media behaviours this year, we’ll leave that to the egg-sperts, while we continue to deliver valued insights to the sports and entertainment industries so they can evolve with the complex media needs of 2019 audiences.