Liverpool invoke the legendary You’ll Never Walk Alone as a simple, supportive message on social media addressed to Jurgen Klopp, who could not attend his mother’s funeral due to COVID restrictions.

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The message landed 300k+ reactions on Twitter and a further 730k+ on Instagram and is the worthy premiere post in February.

On a lighter note Burnley boss Sean Dyche reveals some natural comic timing in a Claret press conference.

He was asked by a cheeky reporter if he (Mr Dyche) had ever been told that he looks like Eighties Simply Red frontman, Mick Hucknall. The coach’s response is comedy gold and intentionally so.

The Clarets+ content signposts one of two new genres Club Social has identified this month: Club Originals, unique media assets controlled by the club.

The growing trend in video edits from the training ground often capture the natural, golden skills of Premier League players.

The official club account overlays an excerpt of Dr Dre’s Next Episode onto a video clip capturing Turkish defender Çağlar Söyüncü ‘nutmegging’ a fellow Fox at the training ground and Admin adds some intentionally dodgy 80s Arcade Game sunglasses.

Training Session is the second new genre to be included in Club Social measurement.

Music is a common theme for Chelsea and Manchester City whose winning posts this month both centre around tunes.

Fan banter can be baffling and this month Everton and Newcastle are the kings of the ‘in-joke’.

The Toffees infuriated Liverpool fans with some choice banter after a disputed penalty in the 83rd minute was given to consolidate Everton’s Merseyside victory. Admin tagged SpongeBob SquarePants, an obscure reference to First Lady Michelle Obama scoring a penalty against the Nickelodeon TV animated comedy and channel mascot.

The Magpies’ tweet about Mexican league player Santiago Muñoz’s first goal which prompted his team Club Santos to clarify that the USA national team-mate was not on his way up north.

Like the Everton SpongeBob reference this is obscure allusion to 2008 film Goal! where fictional character Santiago Muñez begins his career at St James’s Park is accessible only for those ‘in the know’.

Research Note: There is a step change in Club Social Top 20 this month in how we present social media success in the English Premier League. We have segmented the ten thousand February tweets and 30 million engagements and selected the highest performing post for each Premier League club to showcase success across the table.

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