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92. Liverpool FC: Commemorate.

The obituary was made for social media because of its immediacy, the integrity, solemnity and fan-regulation. The passing of Anfield legend GΓ©rard Houllier was marked with a thoughtful LFCTV tribute to the man who won the Reds the treble.

91. Liverpool FC: A Thousand Words.

One poignant photo is sometimes all that is needed, with a ruby-heart emoji obviously.

90. Wolves: Empathy.

There is a new and sustained trend in club social media to keep fans up to speed with an injured player’s recovery, especially if it was a bit gruesome; like Raul Jimenez’s clash of heads with David Luiz.

89. Chelsea FC: Rejoice!

#JustGotSigned [see #97]

88. Wolves: A Thousand Words.

Relief for Wolves fans as Raul Jimenez recovers, best summed up with a one-liner and a photo opportunity.

87. Manchester United: Result!

A club win, particularly one over a close rival, is often celebrated with a studio-grade graphic and United’s win over City is no exception.

86. Manchester United: Result!

See above.

85. Arsenal: Action!

Video flashes can augment and conclude a hard afternoon’s Admin matchday commentary.

84. Arsenal FC: Welcome!

Iconic visual treatment of the new Brazilian arrival .

83. Arsenal: Welcome!

#JustGotSigned [see #95]