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72. Manchester United FC: Action!

Self explanatory in-match, micro-celebration, but the Old Trafford Admin has had some fun or perhaps a senior moment on the keyboard.

71. Liverpool FC: A Thousand Words!

A wide-lensed ‘fish-eye’ stadium shot with pared down hashtag and emoji is all that is needed to celebrate LFC’s victory over Chelsea in the Premier League.

70. Liverpool FC: Action!

This tantalising video flash invites the viewer to repeat-play as Alexander-Arnold creates one of his stock-in-trade assists. 

69. Tottenham Hotspur FC: Welcome!

Spurs officially announce the return of Gareth Bale from Real Madrid. A post which as we move further up the charts is seized on by rivals!

68. Manchester United FC: Action!

Simple and effective, a nano-second goal is turned into a 56-second video feature.

67. Liverpool FC: Welcome!

Thiago Alcantara ‘just got signed’ shot with accompanying sponsor board resonates with fans.

66. Arsenal FC: HiSHiG

A well-placed meme for Bukayo Saka’s fortunes at the ripe-old age of 19.

65. Chelsea FC: Celebrate!

Newcoming German 21-year-old attacking midfielder, Kai Havertz, is given the studio graphic treatment to herald his arrival at Stamford Bridge.

64. Leicester City FC: Action!

Tongue-in-cheek video goal-flashes of the Foxes’ drubbing of Manchester City with interspersed iconic meme reactions.

63. Liverpool FC: Welcome!