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52. Chelsea FC: Commemorate.

Magnanimous sentiment for one of the greats with interesting use of photography to illustrate Maradona as a player apart.

51. Manchester United FC: Celebrate!

Although Ronaldo has been absent from Old Trafford for over a decade there is still strong, positive sentiment felt towards the #7 from the club and fans.

50. Liverpool FC: A Thousand Words!

LFC Admin riffs on a previous tweet after winning the Premier League against Chelsea.

49. Liverpool FC: Welcome!

A short video depicting the Diogo Jota’s debut ahead of his first home game against Chelsea FC.

48. Manchester United FC: Commemorate.

Another of many tributes to Diego Maradona shown here in action for Barcelona against United. Great photo of a 1984 evening, where Maradona was to be denied three times.

47. Arsenal FC: Celebrate!

Blue Monday [see #101]

46. Tottenham Hotspur FC: Empathy.

Spurs displays a heartfelt sentiment for Ivorian defender Serge Aurier after tragically losing his younger brother who was shot dead in Toulouse the same day. The post elicited a genuine outpouring of grief from fans as far afield as Arsenal.

45. Liverpool FC: Welcome!

The usual playfulness from LFC Admin when delightedly announcing a new member to the squad.

44. Arsenal FC: Welcome!

Willian Borges’ arrival is given the iconic, graphical studio treatment with a short, engaging video story.

43. Manchester United FC: Welcome!

Edinson Cavani is given a 6-second meme-friendly reaction animation to mark his arrival at Old Trafford.