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22. Chelsea FC: Camaraderie.

Magnanimous congratulations to Liverpool from Premier League rivals Chelsea is applauded on social media.

21. Crystal Palace FC: Admin Banter!

Nike’s London subversion thing is dismissed by south west London rivals Crystal Palace, who subvert the subversion with a subversive hashtag.

20. Everton FC: Welcome!

James Rodriguez’s arrival at Goodison Park is heralded with an iconic, involved video story which attracts over 4 million views as well as respective engagement levels.

19. Liverpool FC: Camaraderie.

North western solidarity for Wythenshawe lad Marcus Rashford extends beyond Manchester to Merseyside with genuine sentiments felt by the Liverpool social media audience.

18. Manchester City FC: Camaraderie.

Arch Manchester rivals City join the Old Trafford faithful in toasting the achievements of Wythenshawe local Rashford. Cutting through club rivalry to celebrate in the city not The City, transforms positive engagement for the Blues.

17. Liverpool FC: Rejoice!

Big claims are backed up with a trio of photos to substantiate claims of world domination and increase clicks that convert to engagement.

16. Chelsea FC: Welcome!

Simple but effective!

15. Manchester City FC: Camaraderie.

Arch Mancunian rivals City take sides with north London visitors Spurs and retweet ‘an unforgettable afternoon at Old Trafford’ – a celebration of the away club’s 1-6 drubbing of the home team.

14. Chelsea FC: Welcome!

Chelsea FC announce the ‘done deal’, opting for the club and sponsors board as the backdrop to the photo opportunity.

13. Manchester United FC: Celebrate!

When footballers become advocates for social good, sometimes the social media audience votes with their hearts. UK PM Boris Johnson made a pronounced U-turn on free school meals after Marcus Rashford campaigned and shamed.