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12. Manchester City FC: Empathy.

The club prompts the football family to support manager Pep Guardiola as his mother dies after contracting Covid-19. Many rival clubs join the Blues in condolence wishes and any weird, attention-grabbing posts by unhinged oddballs is regulated by all decent world football fans.

11. Tottenham Hotspur FC: Welcome!

Tongue-in-cheek *Delete* video announcing the arrival of Irish footballer Matt Doherty receives nearly a quarter of a million engagements as the Rankings go to press.

10. Manchester United FC: Welcome

One of two @Donny_Beek6 welcome posts in the Club Social Top 100+. The five-second meme-friendly animation can be recycled as a reaction pic, if the Dutch footballer is given game time!

9. Chelsea FC: Welcome!

The #HiKai campaign kicks off with a traditional ‘just got signed’ photo, complete with sponsor branding. A more teen-centric announcement was made soon after [see #30].

8. Tottenham Hotspur FC: Welcome!

Gareth Bale’s return to Spurs is underpinned by the #BaleIsBack video campaign which focuses on his successes for the club the first time around, a performance that has not resurfaced yet.

7. Arsenal FC: Welcome!

One of two #NoThomasNoPartey campaign posts [see #78], this one in video format attracting 3 million views on Twitter.

6. Manchester City FC: Camaraderie.

Magnanimity from the Blues is precious social media currency when LFC win the Premier League title.

5. Liverpool FC: Welcome!

A short video to welcome Thiago Alcântara to Anfield is well received by the Liverpool faithful.

4. Leeds FC: Rejoice!

Leeds United’s only entry in the Top 100+ is at #4 as the club marks its return to the Premier League for the first time in 16 years. The #WeAreBack post resonates with excited Leeds fans.

3. Liverpool FC: Rejoice!

A giant engagement for this penultimate post from LFC after winning the Premier League. The feelgood factor is clear in this longer-form video segment which incorporates scenes of the photogenic Liverpool skyline alongside dilapidated inner-city housing imagery.

2. Southampton FC: Admin Banter!

Southampton FC achieve the most engaging tweet of the season [though not the year] with a social media set piece. The club celebrated their historic place atop the Premier League by tapping into the mood surrounding the ongoing US election saga. Saints content travelled across social, traditional UK media (Sky, Telegraph, Daily Mail, talkSPORT) as well as resonating with American voters.

1. Liverpool FC: Rejoice!

Liverpool appear 29 times in the Club Social Top 100+, mainly for their 2019/20 Premier League achievement and this simple, timely post, with a hastily-created graphic adds to the authenticity and results in 670k engagements, another thing to rejoice about.