Meet The Team

Brad Rees

Chief Executive Officer

Brad has worked in media, sport and telecoms sectors at local and international levels. He founded Mediacells with Steve to enable global companies to deliver against their digital media strategies.

He is a strategic thinker, skilled at delivering practical routes to market for new products, services and campaigns. Brad collaborates with the Visual and Experience Design department of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin focussing on future visual designs.

Forever the pioneer, he led the Deutsche Telekom MMS Picture Messaging service, the first network to offer photo sharing to its interconnected customer base.

Team: Blackpool FC
Favourite football player of all time: Stan Mortensen

Steve Moss

Chief Operating Officer

Steve is an information and product development expert with experience of working collaboratively across control systems engineering, mobile telecom operators, service consultancy, medical research start-ups and media organisations at global levels.

His specialism is in product and service design, based on established, emerging and latent user-centric behaviours to maximise commercial potential.

Steve led One-to-One’s GoalLine & Java Games services the first UK real-time football SMS and mobile games services. Steve has a proven record of recruiting, leading & motivating teams to deliver projects over scope, on time and under budget.

Team: AFC Bournemouth
Favourite football player of all time: Zinedine Zidane

Shereena Griffiths

Lead Data Scientist

Shereena is the youngest ever winner of the UK Government’s Ministry of Defence Chief Statisticians Award.

Her long-term role as Senior Statistical Officer for the UK Military Aviation Authority instilled in her the need to be faultless in her accurate analysis of large, fragmented data sets.

Her experience with data flows and systems development in the Defence industry have provided the foundations for her expertise at Mediacells in interface design, performance analysis, data modelling and advanced audience analytics.

Team: Manchester United
Favourite football player of all time: Paul Scholes

Stephen Nex

Lead Data Scientist

Stephen is an award-winning film and TV drama development executive who decided to transform his media experience to data science.

He has 14 years experience of working in fast-paced, dynamic creative media environments where he had roles as lead script editor at Channel 4 TV and as head of development at independent European film producer, Sigma Films.

While studying Data Science at Stanford University, he produced white papers and data visualisations on Statistical Learning in R and Machine Learning in Matlab.

He holds a first-class honours degree from Leeds University in Chemistry and brings a passion for data analysis, statistical modelling and visualisation as well as a flair for insightful problem solving.

Stephen is the data science lead for statistical modelling, social media listening, OTT metrics, performance analysis and interface design.

Team: Everton
Favourite football player of all time: Zico

Andrew Martyn

Data Architect

Andrew’s background as a design engineer for Plessey Defense Systems and product development engineer with Siemens Electronics has formed his instincts for how emerging technologies can benefit a range of businesses.

His milestone achievement occurred when he acquired a patent on a GPS-guided tourist information system, which we now recognise as the Sat Nav.

Andrew brings analytical expertise in design and development services and 20 years’ experience of working in large, disparate organisations.

Team: AFC Bournemouth
Favourite football player of all time: Paul Gascoigne

Neil Morgan


Whilst not directly involved in Mediacells engagement with FIFA, Neil brings strategic and commercial expertise to Mediacells with his instinct for all things digital.

Neil is also Managing Director of the world’s leading supplier of exhaust systems to Formula 1 and NASCAR, with operations in Oxfordshire, UK and North Carolina, USA.

He is a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster and is a regular participant at international motorsport events and conferences in the US and Europe.

Team: Wycombe Wanderers
Favourite football player of all time: Gordon Banks