The final figures from Nielsen have arrived, uncharacteristically late. Mediacells has put together a metrics sheet for clubs and brands to get a 30-second overview of the first major sporting event of the year.

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A one-sided game contributed to viewer decline as the outcome became obvious after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took control of play against Kansas City Chiefs.

The knives are out in the media for traditional TV viewership as CBS announces the lowest ratings since 2007 for the big game this includes out of home (OOH). Bars and restaurants are likely to be desolate places, so it should be no surprise that eyeballs are down YoY.

The good news is that streaming is up by 65% from last year and the NFL announced the Super Bowl LV 2021 was the first game to deliver more than 1 billion minutes. #nflfootball #superbowlLV #streamingwars