The Club Social 2022 Spring Report is based on Instagram and Twitter activity, across 5 European top flight leagues, comprising 98 clubs, with a combined audience of 665m followers that attracted 2bn engagements from just 20k posts.


  • Trends – This edition we are analysing S.S.C. Napoli’s extended current season kit launch.
  • English Premier League – Few surprises at the top but further down the engagement league necessity spurs most creativity.
  • Spanish La Liga – Clubs with huge followings have Reach but how engaged are they compared to local, loyal fanbases?
  • French Ligue 1 – A blend of statistics and superstars secure Ligue 1’s richest club premiere engagement status at the end of Q1.
  • Italian Serie A – The top Italian league has the richest texture of conversations at club account level.
  • German Bundesliga – There is nothing like a major award to inspire fans to burst with pride on social media.

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