Southampton FC tapped into the mood surrounding the ongoing US election saga by tweeting a demand that the Premier League be frozen after a 2-0 win over Newcastle sent the Saints soaring to the top of the table – the first time in the club’s 134-year history.

The social media post attracted five times more fan engagement than the next most-clicked-on tweet by Manchester United, according to the Mediacells Club Social rankings.

#1: Southampton FC achieve the most engaging tweet of the season so far with a social media set piece. The club celebrated their historic place atop the Premier League by tapping into the mood surrounding the ongoing US election saga. Saints content travelled across social, traditional UK media (Sky, Telegraph, Daily Mail, talkSPORT) as well as resonating with American voters.

#2: Manchester United applaud ‘The People’s Club’ Everton following the Toffees’ heartfelt appreciation of man-of-the-moment Marcus Rashford.

#3: The Everton Fans Forum broadcast a live sentiment via the Megafon stadium jumbo screen to @MarcusRashford.

#4: A polished, bespoke full-time winning announcement graphic resonates with Blues fans; Sheffield Utd ‘Blades’ not so much.

#5: LFCTV clip from a recent UEFA Champions League victory captures the passion from the dugout as Jordan Henderson excels on the pitch.