My good pal and data art superstar Peter Crnokrak mapped artistic and scientific creations to the last 500 years of history, like you do, and revealed creativity flourishes after conflict occurs. I wonder if isolation will have the same impact as destruction seems to.

Peter Crnokrak's Objects of War
Will isolation have a similar creative and scientific impact as destruction?

Amazon and Netflix are kicking it for obvious reasons but to assign creative achievement here would be like giving Mike TeaVee, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregard and Augustus Gloop the keys to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

So this blog is dedicated to all the Charlie Buckets out there, making a difference by adapting to how this pandemic is changing how the world works and making way for much-needed creative green shoots.

Here’s a just few of the contributions that have resonated with the Mediacells team over the last week:

As a Bristol-based London exile it’s hard to start the plaudits without referring to anonymous UK-based street artist, vandal, political activist and occasional media mogul, Banksy, with his Instagram-famous home-throne mural ‘My wife hates it when I work from home’. It sums up the rancid, squatting toad that is WFH.

My Wife Hates it When I Work From Home, by Banksy

Modern marketing and media powerhouse, The Drum continues at its usual breathless pace by launching the Can Do Festival, running online from June 15-26. It will not only share best practice from many of The Drum Awards and highlight the worlds best creative work, but will celebrate the sort of companies, brands and people who will ensure our industry will emerge stronger than ever before.

Brewdog were early off the contribution mark with their Punk Sanitiser hand gel and now their virtual craft boozer Brewdog Arms is hosting Zoom events with food pairing from the talented #VeganAF crowd, Biff, under the masterful commercial direction of agency stablemate and all-round gent, Andrew Allen. The IPA braised cauli tacos were a proper virtual treat on April 15!

We’ve mentioned our close involvement with Southampton Football Club and their pioneering altruism in club football. It looks like their goodwill-ism has rubbed off on Manchester giants United and City.

The Reds dabbed out all but three letters of Manchester at Old Trafford to read NHS United.

It pops up in many a private social media feed by proud fans everywhere.

Meanwhile over at arch rivals Manchester City the club have created a Cityzens At Home Together area packed with community initiatives, play-and-learn at home games and loads of fun ideas to keep Sky Blues busy together.

Still with football, Borussia Mönchengladbach fans will be able to show their support if games resume behind closed doors with cut-outs of themselves in the stadium. The cut-outs cost £16.50 each and all the profits go to local causes.

At federation level, FIFA has launched a campaign called called Humanity’s Heroes with 50 of the biggest names in football to applaud the efforts of those risking their lives in the face of the pandemic. David Beckham, Harry Kane and Harry Maguire are part of a FIFA campaign showing appreciation for healthcare workers and other professionals around the world leading the fight against coronavirus.

Even the world of management consultancy and big-ticket creative agencies are not devoid of soul. Deloitte Digital in association with Heat have created a COVID-19-themed Social Sensing report. The data are provided by two cutting-edge technologies – Heat AI and Sprinklr – plus a team of strategists and analysts to build a comprehensive, relevant report on the twists and turns of the global coronavirus conversation. It’s insightful without being geekware.

And finally our very own data artists have been busy producing elegant, easy-to-read animated visualisations of the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on Cases, Recoveries and the tragic mortalities.