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  • 6.4 million views for female football TikTokers
  • 15 million Instagram interactions for Simone Biles
  • 27 million more views for classic Graf than winning Djokovic

Summer 2021 saw a huge leap for social media engagement in sport especially among younger, female audiences.

The increase in female fan engagement started at the UEFA Euro 2020 football tournament in June 2021 when official digital entertainment sponsor TikTok enabled new football experiences for girls share their interest in the matches and players in a unique format.

TikTok attracted younger, female conversations with hashtags #EurosForGirls and #girlsfootball enabling diverse and powerful new voices that attracted audience views of up to 6.3 million.

At Wimbledon, when Novak Djokovic handed his winning racquet to a young fan the TikTok clip attracted 16m views. This was eclipsed by a classic clip of Steffi Graf fan banter attracting 43m views.

US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles raised awareness for athletes’ mental health.

When she extracted herself from Tokyo 2020 events her Instagram posts attracted more than 15 million interactions and a 460% growth in engagements after the press announcement.

“Mediacells analysis of Simone’s social posts indicate the majority of reactions to her decision to abstain from some of the Games were supported by a young and empathetic audience.” Says Brad Rees, Mediacells CEO.

Fans engaged through shorter media clips, with 53% of younger audiences saying they turn to TikTok for Tokyo 2020 coverage.

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