Our performance services are solutions-focused, objective-driven and agile.


We typically work with clients who hold significant brand rights and who are tasked by sponsors to quantify fan engagement on digital, mobile and social platforms. Our proven approach to understanding your business performance needs works across sports, media, entertainment and telecoms sectors.

Once we have established your project objectives, we will design and implement a performance analytics solution that informs decisions and catalyses success. Dashboards map complex data into familiar business terms such as product, customer or revenue, and offer a unified, consolidated view of data across your organisation. The output encourages self-service analysis and reporting, optimising employee performance as well.

We then produce communications to inform and engage internal and external audiences.

In summary, we transform the complex process of analytics into compelling communications, expressed in everyday language.


Near-live Dashboards

Our dashboards enable the distribution of consistent cross-platform reporting.

  • Bespoke analytics platforms that centralise disparate data sources into one central source, eg audience analytics command centres
  • Near-live dashboards to track digital performance across events and campaigns
  • Responsive mobile websites and apps for internal stakeholders
  • Event-branded dashboards which attract highly engaged external audiences
  • ROI insights across digital and social content production, aggregated from multiple languages and platforms


We are transforming the way stakeholders consume business intelligence.

  • ROI analysis and recommendations
  • Physical-digital event analysis
  • Media releases and communications materials
  • Year-in-review infographics
  • Video despatches for management and sponsors

Analytics and Data Ecosystems

We design and implement complex information systems in collaboration with your technology teams.

  • Multiple, distributed, semantic layers to enable consistent reporting
  • Tracking sponsor assets across all web, mobile, mobile app, social-owned and earned digital platforms
  • Bespoke intelligent feeds that underpin dashboards adapted for multi-agency projects
  • Closely-integrated information systems to enable more complex audience analysis
  • Ad-hoc queries on fast-evolving projects