Buzzfeed recently published a quiz on Valentine’s Day where you can find out what kind of a Wordle player you are and what this says about you. (link at the end of the article)

I tested myself with some office pals and we distributed ourselves across the four Wordle player types, but a bit like a tabloid horoscope, each archetype was basically the same; you are competitive, you put reasoning behind each guess; you like to make sure you win every time in the shortest amount of tries – isn’t that every Wordle player in the world!]

The metabuzz around Wordle must resonate pleasingly with the New York Times asset acquisition team as a deal well done but there’s weevil in the grain. 

Since last week, when the NYT migrated Josh Wardle’s artisan-coded word puzzle from the original server, there have been waves of negative sentiment against the move with one player @dukesilver_28 lamenting to his 222 followers “NYT managed to ruin the one good thing in our lives”.

Duke’s follower count is significant when you unpack the unexploded user-bomb the NYT could potentially be hosting. 

What if the NYT news suits have got it wrong and pitched the might of an established, global broadsheet against a whining Wordle horde and lost? 

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