Arsenal maintain a tight grip over official social media engagement at the end of Premier League matchday 3/38 and weigh in with a blaze of non-weekend goals via Arsenal Digital after a defeat at Anfield at the weekend.

Chelsea move into second place, passing Liverpool on the way down after a remarkable second-half return from 3-0, to 3-3, against West Brom.

Manchester United scrape a win against Brighton but much of the engagement this week is voiced by disgruntled United fans.

Spurs engagement is surprisingly static, despite the controversial handball decision at the weekend against Newcastle.

Leeds maintain their position in Club Social after a victory against Yorkshire rivals Sheffield United and a general enthusiastic return to the top flight.

Everton FC, aka The Toffees, prove stickier on iTunes than Club Social, putting a wrecking ball through Miley Cyrus’s Midnight Sky, proof, if ever it were needed, that football has the most inspiring fanbase in the world.

Aston Villa, Wolves and Man City battle it out at 8, 9 and 10 respectively, with a hushed silence on official Man City twitter radar after a humiliating home defeat to Leicester, who are also #11 in the Club Social charts.