Stars light up social in the Premier League this weekend, ranging from Spurs prodigal returns to ‘Thierry Henry 2.0’ at Arsenal.

Leeds United continue to bring authenticity to the top flight dedicating Saturday’s win over Fulham to a much worthier legend.

A lot of the winning posts on Matchday #2 hinge on celebrations of the individual rather than the team.

Arsenal liken @Aubameyang7 to Thierry Henry in the build-up to the London derby which develops in lively debate at fan level.

Interesting there is now a ‘Fuck off back to your own club account’ meme for rival fan blow-ins and drive-bys.

Still with the Legend narrative, Thiago Alcantara lights up Liverpool FC social with his ‘record’ 75 passes in 45 mins which stirs controversy in certain quarters not least of all with the curmudgeons at Football 365 who run with the headline ‘Thiago breaks record nobody knew existed’.

At Chelsea, birthday celebrations for US attacking midfielder Pulisic eclipse Liverpool FC’s Sunday Stamford Bridge victory while the Man Utd official account dutifully reports on the dismal Crystal Palace scoreline and attracts a multitude of likes, probably from those rival fan blow-ins again!

At Spurs, Son Heung-min, widely accepted as one of the top three Asian players and four-goalscorer on Sunday, is relegated to second place in fan hearts and minds with the second coming of Gareth Bale very much on the horizon.

Leeds Utd bring a hearfelt authenticity to social media fan discourse this weekend with an emotional dedication of their victory over Fulham to a tragic young fan.

It will be interesting to see how Man City impact #ClubSocial with their first game of the season tonight which coincides quite nicely with knockabout rock ‘n roll star, Liam Gallagher’s 48th birthday, as venerated by those fan content kings @Copa90  – who have produced a 17-minute video of the North Lord of misrule and his football life.

Apparently, Vincent Kompany once drank him under the table.