There is one book that I would take to a desert island with me. It’s not the complete works of Shakespeare, James Joyce’s Ulysses or Tyson Fury’s Behind the Mask.

It’s a toff life!

It is the newspaper epic Pictures on a Page by ex-Sunday Times editor Harold Evans and it is a pictorial and editorial commentary of the 20th century.

The book is a thing of beauty not only for Fleet Street geeks but for anyone who has a passing interest in society, humanity and inhumanity.

Its photo-packed 324 pages cover everything from the moment Jack Ruby shot John F Kennedy’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald to a natural shot of two sartorial Eton boys outside Lords cricket ground, top hats and all, aloof from the derision and lampooning of a trio of dishevelled working class kids gawping at them at close quarters.

Both images share something in common: they instantly inform us in a way that longer-form reportage cannot. Sorry wordsmiths.

I wonder what the equivalent visual commentary of the 21st Century will be, particularly how the pandemic hasn’t just changed our lives but fundamentally how the world works.

The Mediacells team are a hybrid of content specialists and data scientists and we rub along together very well in a common pursuit to translate and interpret data for wider audiences to understand. It comes from the same instinct of the daily newspaper to inform and engage.

In between providing narratives for our clients in news, sports and entertainment we’ve put together some visual narratives that aim to encourage you to find your own meaning, your own narratives.

See what you think, it’s a work in progress and please @BradCRees me with thoughts, improvements, explanations. Stay safe x

A Mediacells Time Study of Covid-19 Recoveries
A Mediacells Time Study of Covid-19 Cases
A Mediacells Time Study of Covid-19 Mortalities