A chief communications officer from a major brand once asked us to answer a simple ongoing question for him: 'Who are our friends and who hates our guts?'


By gaining a granular understanding of influencer opinions around your brand messaging you can begin to control or modify brand perceptions.

Once you grasp the triggers that drives the interests and enthusiasms of target influencers, we can begin to tailor your media output accordingly.

Our bespoke toolkit measures, benchmarks, ranks and segments influencers - in relation to media owners, their peers and conversations that affect you.

Our proven approach will quantify and influence true perception change and future-proof your messaging strategy.


Dashboard Features

  • Boardroom Benchmarks: Data-driven measurement of real perception change
  • Lenses: Cut through complexity and gain effective insights
  • Knowledge: Navigate influencer interactions to prioritise comms activity
  • Influencer Wire: Keep in step with FIFA-relevant topics
  • Alerts for stakeholders of perception change, negative and positive


  1. We design and populate a bespoke influencer interactions database
  2. We transform data into powerful, intelligent feeds to power the dashboard features
  3. We import data into visualisation software to generate dashboard features
  4. Ongoing customisation based on your experience of the Influence service