This month, Mediacells uses the data lens* of the Football Money League’s 2021 top 20 clubs and benchmarks each club by official TikTok views from Jan. 01 to Nov. 4, 2021.

Watch and then Repeat! 520m views from top 20 club clips but beware big numbers.

The huge numbers that the platform throws out can be misconstrued and should not be compared to other video metrics necessarily. 

Mesmeric content generates hundreds of million of views, hypnotising the audience into watching on a viewer-loop.

This means that the average fan can be watching a club clip on a viewing loop, often northwards of ten times, meaning that attention economy is not always representative of the real experience of the viewer.

Stars provide TikTok X-Factor! 224m views by just two clubs – can you guess who?

Man Utd and PSG attract most views to Ronaldo and Messi-themed video clips. The most-viewed Money League club TikTok video shows CR7 battling for a corner kick.

A simple, staged clip of Lionel Messi following PSG’s TikTok account was enough to engage the French club’s 20m+ fans 106.8m times.

Dance to the Music! 90% of club clips accompanied by labelled artist tunes.

Blending recognisable beats and dances has a positive impact on fan engagement. Take Atlético Madrid’s perfect blend of superstar players and the majestic Estadio Metropolitano deliver Atlético’s stickiest TikTok.

Perhaps if Carrasco, on-loan Dembélé, Lemar and Gimenez’s choreograpy had mirrored the original moves of the accompanying tune from Don Miguelo’s Y Que Fue official video, they would have a #1 TikTok in the making!

P&G has perfect Bayern Smile: 1/20 TikToks feature sponsors.


#Anzeige Mach’s wie der FC Bayern — hol auch du dir jetzt dein perfektes Siegerlächeln! #FCBayern#OralB#flipit @_rl9

♬ Originalton – FC Bayern

A boldly orchestrated Oral B campaign is in the Mediacells Top 10. Proctor and Gamble’s brand and sponsorship manager must be smiling with confidence as #madeinbavaria campaign resonates the most on TikTok with Bayern fans.

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* Data Lens: Deloitte Football Money League 2021 top 20 clubs by official TikTok views Jan. 01 - Nov. 4, 2021
Arsenal; Atlético Madrid; Borussia Dortmund; Chelsea; Eintracht Frankfurt; Everton; F.C. Bayern Munich; FC Barcelona; Internazionale; Juventus; Liverpool; Manchester City; Manchester United; Olympique Lyonnais; Paris Saint-Germain; Real Madrid; S.0. Schalke 04; SSC Napoli; Tottenham Hotspur; Zenit Saint Petersburg.1