The latest internet meme How it started, How it’s going was embraced by many Premier League clubs during the UEFA Nations League weekend to engage fans in the absence of match day action.

We looked at club social engagement levels and benchmarked the highest-performing HiS-HiG memes.

For the uninitiated, How it started, How it’s going memes use two contrasting photos in a social post, the difference between the start and status of a career, relationship or campaign. The timeframe could be a game, some point in the season, a transfer window or a player’s career.

Number Five: Liverpool FC chart the Jürgen Klopp journey from five years ago standing alone and holding the red flag aloft, to ‘The Normal One’ celebrating with the whole team in front of the Premiership trophy.

Number Four: Spurs tweet a photo of the teenage Gareth Bale in the club’s 2007 Puma kit, contrasted with the prodigal 2020 galáctico adorned in the Lilywhites’ new Nike salmon pink strip.

Number Three: Everton showcase then-and-now celebrations of striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin, toasting a victory, aged 10, with the She eld United academy and fist pumping after scoring an England goal, more recently.

Number Two: Arsenal follow suit with a photo of Bukayo Saka from the 2011/12 season in his early academy days, next to a photo of him in a Three Lions kit heralding his extended stay at the Emirates.

The winning meme is a clever subversion of the previously-mentioned Spurs tweet, quietly stating ‘how it actually started’. The photo portrays the much younger wunderkind Bale, prior to his first move to Spurs in 2007. The tweeted photo travelled widely across traditional media and social media channels.