Mediacells analysed 7k twitter posts which elicited 24m engagements in March and benchmarked* the top post for each Premier League football club and ranked them accordingly.

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Leicester City lead an emerging trend in clubs celebrating their players’ international performance by rejoicing in Çağlar ‘ÇAĞS’ Söyüncü’s effort in the World Cup qualifiers on March 30 against Latvia.

Unfortunately, ÇAĞS contracted the coronavirus while away on international duty and remains in isolation.

West Ham also contributed to the new trend in international player performance posts by toasting Tomáš Souček’s hat-trick for the Czech Republic against Estonia in the World Cup qualifiers.

The international-praise trend continues on the English south coast with Brighton’s Percy Tau, who equalised for South African national football team, Bafana Bafana.

Another new club behaviour is their use of social media platforms as a force for good e.g. #stoponlineabuse.

Arsenal quoted the all time greatest player of The Premier League, as dubbed by football magazine/bible Four Four Two in 2021, whose official social media accounts now read ‘@ThierryHenry does not exist’.

Henry, who scored that goal against Manchester United, announced on March 26:

‘I will be removing myself from social media until the people in power are able to regulate their platforms with the same vigour and ferocity that they currently do when you infringe copyright .’

The north London club saluted his social media boycott by retweeting the social media void where Thierry used to be, with a simple statement, ‘This shouldn’t have to be the answer’.

Further up north, in Burnley, the ‘One Club For All’ campaign centres on an on-pitch incident and provides direction on how to safely report abusive behaviour.

On a lighter note, the Leeds top tweet in March captures the jubilation of winning away from home; the exultation of a northern club winning in ‘that London’ and the effortless humour of #AdminBanter.

* Engagements for a single post are a sum of the native Twitter metrics: Likes + shares (retweets).

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