Chelsea have been top of Club Social for six consecutive weeks, Mediacells asks, Why?

A content comparison with the other engagement league competitors shows similar post cycles, output and tone of voice – so why is Chelsea engaging more fans than any other club on Twitter?

A glance at the followers numbers doesn’t explain much either; Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have similar potential audiences, Man Utd are #2 with 8 million more followers and Leeds, who have less than a million followers on Twitter are #5.

Fans like a good story, a narrative that they can engage with, believe in.

Frank Lampard’s exit from the club at the end of January was the second biggest Chelsea tweet of the year because the next day the club welcomed Thomas Tuchel and the #WelcomeTuchel post was more engaging but with a greater range of fan sentiment.

The #WelcomeTuchel campaign made much of the German’s ¬†success at Paris Saint-Germain where he won four major honours + a Champions League final during his time in the French capital.

It was the beginning of a perception change but the next four weeks saw a mixed bag of performance rankings on Club Social, where at best Chelsea hit the glass ceiling of third place.

Then something clicked, quite literally, with the Stamford Bridge fanbase when Chelsea beat Liverpool, at Anfield.

Success affirmations continued onto the European stage when the Blues beat Atletico Madrid in both legs of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Round of 16 and, despite an uncharacteristic drubbing by West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge in early April, a win away at Porto in the first leg of the UCL quarter final created a kind of Jedi mind-trick with the Chelsea faithful.

I’ll leave the last word to Dustin Spangler, VP of Data and Analytics, Utah Jazz, on next generation sports analytics:

“There is a direct correlation on whether the team (Utah Jazz) loses or wins – and the amount that customers spend, both on the team store and on concessions.

“And if we monitor our customer satisfaction scores – there is a significant difference between a win and a loss, suddenly our parking is less of an issue if we win the game.”