The UEFA Nations League weekend may have paused European league-level action but globally there were more diverse sporting milestones which changed the social media game.

The clear 2020 trend of sport channelling entertainment and fashion was consolidated this weekend when Rafa Nadal seized his 20th major title and the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals, with Nike there to acquire the social media engagement trophies.

This weekend we cast a fashion lens over engagement activity and while France drew with Portugal at the Parc Des Princes, Paris Saint-Germain surged into the Apparel charts at #5 after the launch of the Jordan brand collaboration for the 2020/21 PSG fashion range.

5. The #PSGxJordan lifestyle collection gains velocity 1 week after launch

4. Social themes echoes Nike with new signing Neymar to the Puma ‘fam’

3. Endorsements by Hong Kong rapper Jackson Wang clock up the clicks

2. Influencers successfully promote the new Fall-Winter 2020 collection

1. Nadal wins French Open on the same day as LA Lakers win the NBA Finals