About Us

We are fan engagement analysts who will help you evolve your initial product until it resonates perfectly with your customers.

We start from the basic fact that everybody is engaged on digital, mobile and social – and some of us are more engaged than others.

We generate compelling data stories that connect real-life consumer journeys to your business performance targets.

We will define, measure, analyse, communicate and evolve your targets based on business needs.

We call this performance analytics.

For large-scale sports and entertainment events we are expert in the definition, build and operation of command centres that monitor fan reactions to official, sponsor-led content and CRM messaging campaigns.

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics bridge the gap from operational metrics to boardroom KPIs, and highlight the opportunities as well as the obstacles.

Our focus is to empower you with an insights language which allows you to focus on improving performance by using a form of data science that everybody understands and supports.

Our independent approach facilitates a deeper consensus among company departments by characterising customer experience with visually compelling, social media-friendly communications that travel internally and externally too.

Our services provide the focus and flexibility your business needs to achieve quantifiable success based on commercial goals.

Who We Work With

  • Global sports and entertainment companies are heavy consumers of Mediacells’ performance analytics that optimise official content for diverse audiences
  • Media and entertainment companies use us to make sense of their social media influencer data in the context of linear or streaming TV products
  • European sports federations work with us to better understand digital fan engagement, the content they should produce and how output should be measured
  • Top-flight sports clubs subscribe to our annual Performance dashboards to optimise fan engagement and report back to sponsors with a return on investment
  • Traditional media owners and rights holders come to us to understand and serve new audiences
  • Formula E racing teams who want to better engage with fans on race days are amongst our clients

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Our Team

We are used to working in multi-agency environments with disparate client teams and we are adept at fitting in with a wide range of corporate working cultures, with the transparent aim of improving your company performance with step-changing insights.

We are experienced data scientists and content specialists who are used to working on high-intensity projects to immoveable deadlines.

CEO Brad Rees (second from left in front row) with multi-agency and client teams at the UK Football Business Awards