What We Do

We help you connect your audience to the content they love.

Mediacells stitches your cross-platform user data and builds a bespoke, high-performance knowledge hub so you can acquire, retain and grow your target audience.

Data stitching is bespoke and we apply a human lens to the data, enabling a deeper audience understanding  that will keep them engaged with you for longer.

We visualise content performance with intuitive, target-driven dashboards so you can edge your users closer to the next engagement step.

For large-scale sports and entertainment events we are expert in the definition, build and operation of data command centres that monitor fan reactions to official, sponsor-led content and CRM messaging campaigns.

Imagine a football fan visiting a club’s Instagram account before the first match of the season. They look at the new home and away shirts before exiting.

After a victorious away match, the same fan returns to the club, this time via the mobile app and buys an away shirt.

If the club data were ‘unstitched’, these interrelated sessions would read out as x2 separate users’ experiences, which would impact on the club’s objectives.

Digital behaviour is interlinked with offline events – in the above example winning away from home increases the propensity to purchase an away shirt.

Now the focus is on how and when to upsell the home shirt to the same fan now the club knows who they are.

Once you have established an acceptable churn rate it’s time to focus on cross-channel retention.

You may have a highly-engaged audience on Facebook but a low subscription yield for the weekly email newsletter.

Now that all your data is intelligently stitched you are able to efficiently answer why your newsletter subscriptions are low and how you can take them to the next engagement step.

Data stitching enables you to view the potential for your audience to convert to paying subscribers, merchandise buyers or even charity contributors.

Our clients include:

  • Global sports and entertainment companies are heavy consumers of Mediacells’ performance analytics that optimise official content for diverse audiences
  • Media and entertainment companies use us to make sense of their social media influencer data in the context of linear or streaming TV products
  • European sports federations work with us to better understand digital fan engagement, the content they should produce and how output should be measured
  • Top-flight sports clubs subscribe to our annual Performance dashboards to optimise fan engagement and report back to sponsors with a return on investment
  • Traditional media owners and rights holders come to us to understand and serve new audiences
  • Formula E racing teams who want to better engage with fans on race days are amongst our clients

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