In January Mediacells predicted Empathy would be a major engagement driver in 2021 social media discourse, the latest insights from Club Social substantiate this.

It’s more than five years since Brian Lomax, the founder of the football supporters trust movement passed away but the qualities of what it means to be a fan are demonstrable in last week’s Club Social engagement activity.

We’ve known for some time that sporting clubs cannot rely solely on self- aggrandising celebrations and trophy waving. To keep fans engaged, there need to be expressions of comradeship, sharing and emotion, what Brian called ‘deep human needs at the root of people’s love for football and loyalty for their clubs.’

Last weekend saw the 238th Merseyside derby and despite remonstrations on the pitch, both clubs were unified in fighting food poverty.

@SFoodbanks is a unique partnership aimed at rallying both Blues and Reds around the globe to show their togetherness in the fight against food hunger in their own region.

Liverpool and Everton promoted the campaign on Twitter as well as their powerful websites in the build-up to the game and the Reds even broadcast to their Instagram following, earning 150k+ likes in less than 24 hours.