25 Sep 2018

Are you enlightened?

Rockstar Digital Analysts Requiredcoral_graph7

You will perform, what we call, Enlightened Analytics, using the science of analysis with the tradition of storytelling to inform clients of how successful they are in connecting to target customers.

Your goal is to transform, curate, model, visualise the performance of our Global and European sports clients and support a compelling story around their audiences.

You will have a results-focused mindset, used to developing analytical models that reveal behaviours to global clients.

Lead regular client report streams, constantly optimising the relevance of the insights to target audiences.
Provide reporting and management insights that can be used in internal and external client communications.
Manage the development of visualisation and reporting tools that provide daily support for content owners and business stakeholders.

Clear technical understanding of the digital media landscape, its web and social technologies and frameworks.
Ability to interpret complex data models and communicate them to non-research audiences.
Strong interpersonal skills and a proven ability to perform well in disparate, diverse corporate cultures.
Be an instinctive project manager who always demonstrates strong analytical and organisational skills.
Ability to work under pressure, with tight deadlines in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Relevant university degree or equivalent
5+ years of experience in digital technologies
Advanced Microsoft Office skills particularly in Excel, Visual Basic and Power BI packages
Willingness to travel, as required.

You love sport, especially football.
Experience in advising senior management on strategic topics within the communications and digital communications field.
Developer capabilities / interests related to data science i.e. source data using APIs, SQL and database languages.
Ability to visualise data models, using cutting edge web tools such as Javascript libraries like D3.js for manipulating documents based on data as well as mainstream open source data visualisation tools like Tableau, Alteryx, Palladio, Datawrapper and many more.
Web dashboard development skills
Understanding of media planning schedules and inventory analysis, SEO practices, reporting and familiarity with SEO tools

This is a full-time role and the right candidate will be remunerated commensurate with their experience and abilities.

If this sounds like you, contact us and tell us why you are the expert we need for our clients.

16 Mar 2018


Social audiences are influenced by authentic posts that make them feel an affinity with the author.

Mediacells can reveal that social media folk respond less to celebrity endorsements and more to meaningful recommendations made by trusted commentators who make them feel special.

campaign detail 02



We analysed the latest adidas influencer campaign and awarded a lesser-known volleyball player the highest engagement rate, blocking fellow campaign influencers Lionel Messi, David Beckham and Paul Pogba from the top spot.

Mediacells identified 100+ million social views across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the context of the adidas social influencer video campaign ‘Calling All Creators’.

The multi-layered story drew on stars from sport, fashion and music to inspire a creative dialogue in 33 countries, using curated video content across social, TV and adidas.com.

Influencer 18Source: Mediacells

The #1 influencer was a US female volleyball star, called Paige Tapp, who inspired 17% of her social audience to share, like or mention the specific campaign in tweets and posts.

Paige, 22, was most effective on Instagram, where her ‘seat at the table’ post won 7.6k ‘loves’. The reactions to the post were deeply personal, with family and friends showing their support, which in turn created a groundswell of positive sentiment around the Team USA middle blocker’s brand messages.

The closest influencer to Paige was Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, who inspired 7% of his audience to join the conversation, while NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers prompting 5% of his fan base to engage in meaningful interactions about the campaign.

From outside the world of sport, rapper Pusha T converted 4% of his social audience to ‘create’ with his ‘Three Stripe Life’ tweets.

The findings come as influencer marketing is becoming the advertising saviour, at a time when the world’s largest advertising and marketing services group, WPP, announced its worst year since 2009.

Brand conversion is becoming less and less about big numbers and more about attributable, authentic conversions from loyal fan bases. Instagram fan Brooke Schwartz responded to Paige Tapp’s endorsement of adidas sneakers thus,

 “I have been a Nike girl for 26 years and yesterday I bought my first pair of Adidas because of you.”

6 Dec 2017

Excellent marriage between machine and human creates ‘Reuters Tracer’ lovechild


CLIENT: Thomson Reuters

WOW: Social Media News Tracer

DATE: October 2017


Las Vegas shooting, October 2017, 1:22am, 58 people dead. Earliest report on Twitter happens simultaneous to the shooting.

Every news organisation has an acute problem with fake news distorting the perception of events and there is an added pressure to break news stories as they happen.

The new system called Reuters Tracer examines 12 million tweets a day (2% of the daily total), validates news events and assigns a newsworthiness score with a confidence rating on how likely the events are true.

The algorithm  uses data mining and machine learning to pick out the most relevant events, determine the topic, rank the priority, write a headline and a summary. The human involvement comes from a list of Twitter accounts, curated by Reuters journalists.

A citizen journalist tweet at 1:22am about the shooting triggered what is called a ‘Tracer Cluster’ and, after rigorous criteria has been met, the event was included in the news feed at 1:39am

What we love most about the Tracer product is the cooperation between serious data brains in R&D and the human expertise brought in from the Reuters journalists – it’s a lot like how we work here at Mediacells!


6 Dec 2017

Artificial Intelligence-defying writing from Esquire

SECTOR: Entertainment CLIENT: Hearst, Esquire WOW: Power of the human word DATE: November 2017   Progressive US magazine Mother Jones recently reported that Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts are predicting we will have ‘full human-level AI’ by 2045. Artists? Surgeons? Writers? There’s an app, well, a robot for all that in less than 30 years. The […]

21 Jul 2017

What is it with Austrians and diving records?

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job’, said Terence Fletcher, the rhythm-dictating fascist drumteach in 2014 Hollywood blockbusting outlier, Whiplash. It’s alright being good at something but being the best at something is a huge ask for the individual. Not so for countries, according to David McCandless and […]

14 Jul 2017

Your money or your life – what would you stand and deliver?

A mugger accosts you in the street ranting, ‘YOUR CASH OR YOUR PHONE?’ what do you give up? If you hand over your cash, there’s no recompense, you’ve lost your dosh. If you hand over your phone, chances are it has a lock on it and you can cancel it and get a replacement. There’s […]

29 May 2016

Prepare to be thunderstruck by the 2016 Champions League final

By Brad Rees As the Atlético Madrid team bus rocks up to the San Siro stadium on Saturday, the Blaupunckt stereo system will be blasting out ‘Thunderstruck’ by Ozzie MetalGods, AC/DC. It’s an Atléti tradition. Torres and chums will be chanting, ‘Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, I was caught in the middle of a railroad track.’ […]

19 May 2016

GEORDIE SOARS… as MTV reality show celebrates 5th birthday with record audience on TV and online

By Brad Rees Love it or hate it, MTV’s licence-to-ill DocuSoap has wiped the floor with all previous traditional ratings records and amassed a vibrant, engaged social audience in the process. An army of digital natives gorge on content, not just for the 42 minutes per episode but 24/7 – as new and old habits […]

13 May 2016

How to retain unloyal millennial audiences as media owners

Start by understanding what makes them tick at work, says Deloitte By Brad Rees We’ve all had that job that never makes it to the CV or LinkedIn halls of fame. Mine was working for Alternative Corporate Entertainment PLC or ‘ACE’, where I was tasked to sell ‘Novelty Entertainment Acts’ (NEAs) to global business monoliths from […]

6 May 2016

Can digital longform content talk to the Buzzfeed generation when under the social media influence?

By Brad Rees Last week I realised the true value of being a follower when I discovered an amazing story by Hillsborough survivor, Adrian Tempany, after it was promoted in a tweet by sportswriter David Conn.  It was 5,000 words long, which meant a lot of iPhone thumbscrolls on a Sunday afternoon when I should have been helping […]