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We are data storytellers with ten years’ experience of connecting brands with customers.

Mediacells communicates ‘enlightened analytics’ within a range of sectors including  Finance, Sport, Retail, Technology, Telecoms and Media.

We start from a basic, quantifiable fact: everybody is engaged on digital, mobile and social, it’s just some of us are more engaged than others.

From here we generate what we call ‘enlightened analytics’ – compelling stories that connect real-life consumer journeys to your business performance targets.

Enlightened analytics bridge the divide between operational metrics and boardroom KPIs and highlight the opportunities as well as the obstacles.

Our independent approach facilitates a deeper consensus among company departments by characterising customer experience with visually compelling, social media-friendly communications that travel internally and when required, externally too.

Enlightened analytics deliver a currency of business intelligence which allows you to focus on improving performance by using a form of data science that everybody understands and supports.

We are agile, which means we are used to working with disparate client teams, assimilating into established internal processes and improving company performance through incisive insights.

Our experienced data scientists and journalists are used to working in high-intensity project environments. We provide the focus and flexibility your business needs to ensure a seamless customer service, which will save you time and money.

Mediacells delivers on time, to budget and beyond scope. We do what we say we will, when we say we will.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

How do I engage with the billion new replacement smartphone owners as well as the billion first time smartphone owners?

With new devices come new behaviours, such as the rise of m-shopping, as tablet and smartphones replace deskbound computers as the new, convenient shopping tool.

Always-on device activity is leading to a proliferation of short-form video content, a lot of it user-generated and socialised. This means we are watching more content but for less time and on a suite of devices, sometimes interchangeably.

The elusive millennial* consumers, notorious for their reticence to buy what brands want them to, are spending more and more on media content such as Spotify, Netflix, Apple TV as well as on the tech hardware that supports those media.

Enlightened analytics blend larger data sets with targeted online and face-to-face panels to absorb a deeper understanding of audience / customer needs and behaviours.

Our in-live reporting sets, such as daily dashboards, weekly management reports and monthly analysis and insights, support go-to-market strategies by measuring and improving performance against agreed benchmarks and indicators.

*Demographic cohort following Generation X born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s


Consumers are more powerful than ever with massive choice and buying power – how do brands make a positive influence to the purchase decision?

Consumerisation and digitisation go hand in hand, with endorsements, friendorsements and group buying syndicates driving prices down and product availability up. It is getting more difficult for brands to engage with consumers and selling their promises in an ultra-connected world is a major challenge. Today’s retail giants may not be those of tomorrow.

The changing consumer landscape offers huge rewards for brands who understand consumer purchasing power, shopping behaviour and preferences, not just in a regional context but on a global scale too.

Questions like ‘who do I collaborate with in changing and emerging markets, where my brand either needs to undergo a step change in how it is perceived or a complete education on the brand benefits?

In Western Europe over the next ten years the over-50 population will explode and some economists are predicting that the over 65s will account for £1 in every £4 in the UK.

A closer look at the UK market by KPMG shows the overspending youth market is in decline while a new generation of under-16s is projected to increase by 10%. Overall, a rise in disparate ethnic communities will mean regional demographics need to be considered when allocating products and services.

Enlightened analytics can crystallise customer understanding from a brand perspective by getting in the data of what sells where, to ensure the right product assortment, price and positioning for goods and services, segmented by market down to regional level.


How do I maximise spectator numbers alongside growth in digital fanbases?

Football is a religion and like most secular societies around the world, attendances at physical destinations in both are in steep decline.

It’s not just the European football lower leagues that are experiencing declines in stadium attendances, it’s happening all over the world, reflecting soaring ticket prices and increased digitisation of games.

Last year student attendance at US college football games dropped through the floor: Florida was down 22% since 2009 while Colorado plummeted 53% in the same timeframe.

Back to football, clubs seek to maximise revenue by pricing in-demand tickets as high as the market will bear: watching football has become a premium product, for a limited audience.

The growth in sporting worship in the digital context runs counter to what’s happening in the ‘real world’ but there’s a growing appetite within the sports community to try and marry the digital with the physical.

At the Seahawks CIO Summit in early 2015 industry leaders from teams like the Seahawks and Mariners, as well as organizations like Microsoft, The White House, the NFL and Extreme Networks met to debate the future of how sports businesses operate.

Everyone agreed that the smartphone has changed the way we live and the way businesses operate; it’s also changing how people consume sports games.

The challenge now is how to turn data into dollars, or pounds or Euros! Enlightened analytics can make this challenge a reality, by proving that deep analysis of how fans follow sport digitally can have a quantifiable, positive effect on attendance, so that spectator numbers can be maximised, capacities increased and prices reduced, much like what has happened in the German Bundesliga.


How do I connect with my customers and attract new engagements with regulatory pressure, consumer scepticism, lack of differentiators and a perceived lack of innovation in my sector?

Consumer trust is at the heart of the challenge facing banking and insurance services as technology-enabled upstarts and disruptive new start-ups marginalise traditional brands, relegating them to utilities rather than custodians of a loyal, satisfied consumer base.

The solution is not simple. The need for innovation needs to start with gaining a much better understanding of consumers by using relevant benchmarks when looking at specific consumer segments. Millennials, who have different needs to older segments, now demand careful and precise analysis to convert them as regular, fee-paying customers.

Creating the right value proposition demands tearing up the rulebook and focussing more on technology and innovation. How do insurance companies, for example, take social, mobile and online touch points and integrate with existing communications and transactional channels?

Differentiating a financial brand in the market is now not just about standing out against traditional competitors but is as much to do with allying with disruptors rather than trying to beat them at their own game!

Enlightened analytics can use geo-location data along with larger data sets to attract and retain consumers by creating customer delight from where once there was scepticism and mistrust.

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